A long weekend in Amsterdam.

So, you’re going to the infamous Dam? Here are some tips of what to do and most importantly what not to do…

Amsterdam is a crazy place and I mean fucking NUTS. My first recommendation is that you stay in a hostel and not an overpriced hotel. Trust me, you’ll meet some of the coolest people and also save a few pennies that can be spent on alcohol and you know.. other stuff.


A typical room at St Christopher’s Hostel. Yes, the walls are very trippy especially after some you know what. 

Hostels are great because not only do most provide free (tip based) walking tours for those who love a bit of history, but they run things like pub crawls and open mic nights for those looking for a bit of a party. Happy hour lasts more than an hour and two beers for €5 is a steal in Amsterdam. Most staff in hostels will be travellers just like you, so 9 times out of 10 they will be so friendly and sometimes they’ll even give you a drink on the house. This should be the part where I upload a photo of the pub crawl, however, it’s probably best for me and you, that I don’t. Soz.

Next topic – drugs. For so many people, this is solely what going to Amsterdam is about. I’m not an expert, so if I say something totally stupid about drugs then I do apologise. Anyway, the stench of weed is everywhere you go – so learn to like it! We bought pre-rolled joints from the coffee shops as we were fucking clueless. They were about €5 each, sounds good eh? Well, we went overboard and let’s just say I was in bed for 11pm and my mate was hanging out a window saying that he couldn’t breathe – although to be fair he also had his fair share of psychedelics. Basically, all I would say about drugs in Amsterdam is be careful and know your own limits!!

Food and drink isn’t cheap in Amsterdam. But there are ways around paying an arm and a leg for a meal. If it’s nice, grab some baguettes and ham from the supermarket and make your way to Vondelpark. Or, get some wine and snacks and chill by one of the many, many canals.


One of the quieter canals in Amsterdam. Cool place to get away from the hustle and bustle and just relax! 


One of the many things people worry about when going anywhere is how much money the will need. I am not going to lie, Amsterdam is one of the more expensive places in Europe, especially compared to its counterparts in the East such as Prague and Krakow. So, I would recommend not limiting yourself to a tiny budget in Amsterdam. I stayed in Amsterdam for 4 days and spent around €350-€400. I understand this sounds a lot, however keep in mind that I’m 19 and was drinking a LOT of alcohol. Which btw is not cheap in Amsterdam. Everyone is different and wants to see different things so I would allow yourself to have enough money to do and see all the things you want. I usually say the smaller the budget, the better the adventure. However, this is quite tricky when you’re in such an expensive place. Don’t get me wrong though, using things like hostels, airbnb and couchsurfing for your accommodation will save you a huge amount of money. Also, buying food from street vendors and not restaurants will also help you stay within your budget. Most importantly though, have fun.

This was my very first blog post! Although, I’m sure you could probably tell 😉 Anyways, I hope this was helpful/ useful. I will be posting more blogs on my recent trips to Marseille and Madrid and then also my upcoming trip to Copenhagen, Hamburg, Paris and London!! So, stay tuned and keep and eye out for new posts!


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